Seller's Checklist - Condominium

Sellers Condominium Check List

Please print and utilize the following as your personal check list of important items to attend to prior to closing and at the closing. There may be other matters which you need to attend to prior to closing so be sure to add them to the bottom of this list. Retain this list with your permanent papers and records for the sale.

My attorney at Rubin Weisman is: _______________________________________

My broker is: ________________________________________________________

Our buyers' names are: ___________________________________________

The home we are selling is at: ___________________________________________

The date and time of the sale is scheduled for: _______________________________

The place of closing is: _________________________________________________

1. Be sure to notify all of the utility companies of your moving date at least two weeks prior to closing in order to obtain final readings:

Date Contacted: Company: Telephone Number:

______________ Gas Company _________________

______________ Electric Company _________________

______________ Telephone _________________

______________ Oil Company _________________

______________ Cable Company _________________

If your home is heated by oil, have the oil company provide you with proof of gallonage in your tank unless it is mutually agreed to between you and the buyers. Check with your broker to determine the correct process.

Date Checked with Broker: ________________

2. Be sure to contact the Post office:

Date Contacted:

_____________ Obtain Change of Address Cards and kits to mail to friends, relatives, businesses, magazine subscriptions

_____________ Notify Post Office of your new address

3. Be sure you or your broker contacts the Fire Department in order to have your home inspected for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Obtain a Certificate of Compliance.

Date Contacted: ___________________

Date Certificate Obtained: ___________

4. Assemble all guaranties or warranties relating to systems, appliances and improvements which will help the new owners in understanding their new home.

5. Water and Sewer Charges

Date Contacted:

_____________ Be sure you or your broker contacts the Water and Sewer Departments to obtain final readings at least 3 days prior to closing.

6. Notify your insurance agent to cancel your homeowner's insurance effective at least one day after the closing.

Date Contacted: ______________ Telephone Number:____________

7. Notify your insurance agent of your change of address for an endorsement on your automobile insurance.

Date Contacted: ______________ Telephone Number: ____________

8. Obtain change of address stickers for your driver's license from the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Date Obtained: _______________

9. Check to make sure a new deed has been prepared by your attorney.

Date Checked: _______________

10. Check with your broker and your attorney on the closing date, time and place.

Date Checked with attorney: _______________

Date Checked with: _______________ Broker

11. If you do not intend to attend the closing, contact your attorney as soon as possible to have a power of attorney and a deed executed by you.

Date contacted for a Power of Attorney: _____________

Please provide your attorney with written instructions on disposition of funds:

Date written instructions provided: _____________

12. Bring the following to your closing:

______ Driver's License and a second form of personal identification

______ Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Certificate (Check with broker)

______ All keys and garage door openers

______ Several blank checks (just in case last minute adjustments need to be accounted for at the closing).

13. In the event you are not attending the closing, be sure to deliver the above items to the broker or to your attorney.

14. In many cases, funds from your closing will not be available until the next day after the closing because of the time or place of the closing, registry of deeds backlogs as well as several other possible reasons. Be sure to take this factor into account regarding your need for funds for a purchase or for some other financial reason. Please contact your attorney for assistance in this regard.

15. Be sure to plan ahead and make sure your moving arrangements have been made to completely vacate your home at the time of closing. Your agreement will generally require that you must deliver the premises free and clear of all occupants and tenants. In many instances buyers require the premises to be delivered in a "broom clean condition". Be sure to remove all of your personal possessions as well as all rubbish and debris from the premises. If this is not possible, please contact your attorney right away.

Date Contacted Moving Company: __________________ Tel. Number:______________

Other matters which we need to attend to prior to closing:

Add details below:


1. In determining the price you wish to list the condominium for, have you considered any moneys you have paid into the condominium association for a reserve?

2. A seller must present a Certificate of Unpaid Common Charges (commonly known as a 6(d) certificate) from the condominium association or the management company. The certificate should state that the common expenses for the month of the sale have been paid and that there are no outstanding expenses. You or your broker should arrange for the certificate.

Date contacted Association or Management Co: _______________________

3. A seller is generally required to provide the buyer with a certificate of insurance from the condominium association or the management company naming the new owner and the new owner's lender as having insurable interests. You or your broker should arrange for this certificate.

Date contacted Association or Management Co: _______________________

4. Determine if there are any pending or possible special assessments from the condominium association or the management company.

Date contacted Association or Management Co: _______________________

Additional Notes: