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How couples entering subsequent marriages can protect their interests

While most everyone thinks that their marriage will last forever, statistics suggest otherwise. Indeed, the American Psychological Association, along with a host of other organizations, has determined the divorce rate here in the U.S. consistently hovers around 40 to 50 percent.

Why positive divorce is better for kids than negative marriages

When married couples opt to remain together for the sake of their children, they often end up fighting frequently. Even when these couples attempt to fight away from their children, the tension that these fights produce may be felt by children long after harsh words have been spoken. Although these findings may be contradictory to what many Americans have been taught, numerous studies confirm that it is not always best to remain in unhappy or unhealthy marriages for the sake of one’s children.

Think twice before treating your ex poorly online

Social media has proven to be a powerful venue. Social media campaigns have sparked interest in world events, have helped to spread the word about worthy causes and have connected countless loved ones. In these ways, social media has proven to be a positive force. However, it can also be used as a tool for spreading hate, misinformation and a host of other negative forces.

Why secrets are dangerous while co-parenting

Do you ever find yourself telling your child to keep certain behaviors, events or issues secret from his or her other parent? Americans value privacy. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting your personal business to be kept away from your former spouse’s prying eyes. But although this desire is completely reasonable, it may not be healthy for your child.

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