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Child custody issues affecting more U.S. parents and children

Societal norms often serve to force people to conform to and follow a certain way of doing things that are perceived by the majority as being correct or right. When a person’s actions fall outside the accepted way of doing things, many within society are quick to judge or discount those who buck the trend as being wrong or somehow inferior.

Divorce and the frozen embryo conundrum

Fifty or more years ago, couples who were unable to conceive on their own naturally had few options. In most cases, when a husband or wife was diagnosed as having a fertility problem, the couple could either chose to adopt or simply resign to the fact that they weren't meant to be parents. Today, couples who experience fertility issues have a myriad of options.

How to break the news that you're getting a divorce

In some cases, the decision to file for divorce is one reached after months or even years of arguing and unhappiness. In other cases, a divorce filing may seem abrupt and be in reaction to the discovery of an affair or of a spouse's problems with substance abuse. Whatever the case may be, once an individual has made the decision to end a marriage and file for divorce, he or she may struggle with how to break the news to relatives and friends.

Unhappily wed—study examines why married women are more likely to initiate divorce

Love has been called the universal language. Regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality or political ideology; everyone needs love and longs to find someone to both love and love them back. Of course, there are varying ideas of what it means to love and be loved and it's these differences that often prevent individuals from both finding and staying together with a significant other.

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