Dealing with an insurance dispute?

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2020 | Insurance Disputes

Insurance is a great thing to have until insurance providers fail to pay out as they should. Numerous people in Massachusetts and across the country fight their insurance companies for fair coverage every year. If you are dealing with an insurance dispute, it is okay to seek help with addressing the matter.

Business owners and individuals purchase insurance — be it medical, auto, property or any other type needed — believing their losses will be covered should anything happen. What they are finding, though, is that, when they go to file claims, those claims are denied, slow to process or fail to cover their losses. Insurance companies do what they can to pay as little as possible. They will look for any reason to deny a claim or offer minimal coverage. It isn’t right, but it is how it works.

What can you do if the insurance company denies your claim or offers you unfair compensation? If your claim is denied, you can appeal. This you only have so much time to do, however, so don’t wait. If the benefit offered you seems unfair, you can reject it and demand more. To do this, you have to send an official refusal/demand letter.

Don’t let an insurance dispute bring you down and cause you financial strain. Legal counsel can help you navigate the appeals process or assist you with negotiating a fair settlement offer. Either can take time, but it may be worth going through it in the end. To learn more about how an experienced attorney can assist you with your insurance dispute, please take a moment and visit our firm’s website.


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