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How the right attorney can help save money in the divorce process

If you've been through a divorce in Boston before, or know someone who has, you know how long and expensive the process can be. While divorce may not exactly be a picnic, innovative attorneys, lawmakers and even clients have found ways to save money and facilitate the process for everyone involved.

Considering divorce? 5 steps to take to resolve it amicably

Divorce is a major decision with important emotional, financial and parenting aspects. Even if you're sure divorce is the right decision, you may worry that the process of getting one will be so expensive and acrimonious that it's almost worse than the status quo.

Collaboration can be key to post-divorce harmony

People in Massachusetts know that divorce is a fact of life. It may not happen to everyone, but odds are that someone close has been through a divorce at one point or another in their lifetime. Divorce can be a defining thing in a person's life, and how it is handled could be indicative of their future relationship with their ex-spouse and other important people.

After divorce, Massachusetts couples may still have to keep close

People in Massachusetts may have seen a recent New York Times article about the challenges of divorce, in particular the challenges divorcing couples face when they run a business together. It can be a tricky situation, but ex-spouses from mom and pop shops to major corporations have made it work.

Court records from testimony in 1988 divorce case make news

As the presidential race pulls into the home stretch, the names Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama are pretty much inescapable. But few people could have predicted that one candidate's testimony from a 1988 Massachusetts divorce proceeding would be the subject of media headlines.

Ex-spouse donates kidney to mother-in-law

Last week national and international news outlets picked up the story of a Massachusetts woman who has donated her kidney to her former mother-in-law. Though the donor had been divorced from the woman's son for over eight years, she still found plenty of reasons to selflessly donate her kidney to save the woman's life, and in some way, try to make things right for going out on the wrong foot during the divorce.

'Divorce hotel' may become an option for amicable dissolutions

For Massachusetts couples looking for opportunities for amicable divorces, there may soon be a new option. A concept known as a "divorce hotel" exists in the Netherlands, and could be available in the United States in the near future.

Divorce ceremonies can help preserve family relationships

Divorcing couples in the Boston area should be aware that divorce mediation can help preserve positive family relationships. More and more divorcing couples are beginning to understand that a "fight to the finish" attitude can do long-lasting damage. It is especially important to limit the potential strain on family relationships when there are children involved. Using divorce mediation instead of a more adversarial approach is one way that couples are trying to protect their children from the most difficult aspects of divorce.

Mediation can help divorcing Massachusetts couples

There is no doubt that divorce can be a stressful and highly emotional time. Some couples may be so far apart that they need to settle matters in a courtroom, but evidence is accumulating that couples who choose divorce mediation may help not only themselves but their children as well after the process is concluded.

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