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Financially preparing for your divorce

Once you make the decision to move forward in life apart from your spouse, you are compelled to make numerous other decisions that you might otherwise wish to avoid. For example, you must decide how mutual possessions will be split, whether you will continue to interact socially with mutual friends and how you will cope with the transition from a household financially defined by two people’s needs to a household defined primarily by yours.

Why focusing on blame can negatively affect your divorce process

Blame is a loaded word and a loaded concept. Generally, when someone does something positive, he or she is given “credit.” When an individual does something negative, he or she is showered with “blame.” Because blame is such a loaded word and concept, it is best to be conscious of how you are reacting to blame and placing blame during your divorce process.

Massachusetts divorce proposal addresses bedroom activity

A legislative proposal in Massachusetts is creating buzz throughout the state and beyond. It is related to divorce and the private lives of parties going through the divorce process. Critics of the proposal argue that, if passed, the law would violate people's privacy.

How building a dream home could impact divorce

A recent divorce-related piece in the New York Observer discusses real estate in the great city. Though Boston isn't NYC, there is still most definitely a high-end real estate market. No matter where couples marry, build families and create homes, there are those who pursue building their "dream home" together.

More tips about protecting family business from divorce

In our past divorce law post, we started a conversation about when business meets divorce. Some couples not only join together in a marital union, but they also collaborate professionally. Maybe they even started their own family business.

No longer partners in life, how do exes remain business partners?

When some couples get together, they are joined at the hip. They have a home together. They are parents together. And some couples are even business owners together. All of that togetherness during a marriage can make for complications during a divorce.

Drama amid Kardashians now involves Kris and Bruce, plus $125M

Love them or hate them, the Kardashian family and those who have married into the famous clan manage to stay in the headlines. Usually, the limelight is on Kim and her current love life. Lately, Khloe and her marriage to Lamar Odom has been under a microscope.

Is divorce in the future for Douglas and Zeta-Jones?

Residents here in Massachusetts who are familiar with celebrity gossip are likely aware of the recent news floating around the internet this month concerning actors Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. They recently announced that they would be taking a break from their marriage in an attempt to evaluate it better. Some are now speculating that this could mean that divorce is just around the corner.

Dwyane Wade's ex goes public with property, alimony complaints

Generally speaking, celebrity and other high-asset divorce cases aren’t all that different from those of ordinary people, except that there are often complex financial issues that must be considered during the division of assets and debts. In the cases of some celebrities, however, another difference can arise: the possibility that public interest in the case could affect its outcome.

Don't spend all those marital assets at one time

People in Massachusetts may have seen a recent self-help article about the temptation that people may feel to go out and spend a bunch of money on things to make them feel better during or after a divorce. In short, the moral of the story is this: don't do it! While the beginning of a new life is something to celebrate, people need to be careful to keep their finances in order, since adjusting to a new budget and new circumstances is not always an easy thing.

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