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Understanding the reasons why co-parents fight

When you and your child’s other parent were still romantic partners, what did you fight about? Do you still fight about the same broad issues now? Couples most often argue about a few broad categories of issues. Oftentimes, co-parents fight about the same issues, even if the arguments between co-parents tend to look a little different than arguments between romantic partners do.

Raising healthy and happy kids during and post-divorce

If you and your spouse are thinking about divorcing, are currently navigating a divorce or have recently finalized one, you are likely concerned about what the divorce process may ultimately do to both you and your loved ones. If you have kids, you are likely concerned about what your marital tension and/or divorce is doing to them. There is no question that marital tension and/or divorce can have temporary negative effects on kids and teens. However, if you are a loving parent and are committed to helping your kids through this rough time, you can absolutely work towards ensuring that they are happy and healthy moving forward.

Lessons from Parental Alienation Awareness Day

It seems that just about every day on the calendar is now associated with some sort of celebration, honor or awareness campaign. Some designated days remain incredibly relevant, like World AIDS Day, while others are less so… National Doughnut Day comes to mind. Because there are so many “days” that pass, you are likely not aware of each that remains uniquely important.

Parenting within a blended family

When you or your spouse brings children from previous relationships into your union, the blended nature of your new family can lead to certain challenges that non-blended families generally do not face. For example, one or more of your children may be the subject of a child custody agreement which binds both that child and your family to a former romantic partner of you or your spouse.

Why positive divorce is better for kids than negative marriages

When married couples opt to remain together for the sake of their children, they often end up fighting frequently. Even when these couples attempt to fight away from their children, the tension that these fights produce may be felt by children long after harsh words have been spoken. Although these findings may be contradictory to what many Americans have been taught, numerous studies confirm that it is not always best to remain in unhappy or unhealthy marriages for the sake of one’s children.

Why secrets are dangerous while co-parenting

Do you ever find yourself telling your child to keep certain behaviors, events or issues secret from his or her other parent? Americans value privacy. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting your personal business to be kept away from your former spouse’s prying eyes. But although this desire is completely reasonable, it may not be healthy for your child.

States can improve their shared parenting approaches - Part II

In our last post, we began a discussion about shared parenting arrangements. We noted that in the wake of a romantic split, parents may agree on a co-parenting approach or may choose to mediate or litigate their differences. Sometimes, one parent wishes to foster a healthy co-parenting relationship while the other does not. Sometimes parents simply disagree on the details of such an arrangement. And other times, one parent strongly feels that a co-parenting relationship is not in the best interest of the affected child.

States can improve their shared parenting approaches - Part I

When two parents decide that they no longer wish to parent their children under the same roof, they must generally file a child custody claim with their local court. An attorney experienced in matters of child support and parenting law can aid parents in determining how they would like to proceed with this claim. If parents fundamentally disagree about how their child custody arrangements should be constructed, the parents may need to litigate that claim. If the parents can generally agree on these matters and they are within the best interests of the children affected, the claim may be able to be mediated or otherwise negotiated without litigation.

Co-parents: Start thinking about the 2015 holiday season

The holiday season has come and gone. Depending on how your parenting plan is structured, you may be grateful that this season is over. It is no secret that being a co-parent is often a stressful process. You and your co-parent may have butted heads this season over who got to spend time with your children or the specifics related to the time you were compelled to share.

An important New Year's resolution for co-parents

Are you divorced or in the process of divorcing? Does your co-parent drive you bananas at times? You are certainly not alone. Many divorced parents are frequently frustrated by the behaviors and attitudes adopted by their co-parents. However, for your child’s benefit, it is generally important that you resolve to treat both your co-parent and your co-parenting relationship with a certain degree of respect.

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