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Having a happy holiday as a blended family

The holidays are now in full swing. If you are part of a blended family, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed by the chaos inspired by this time of year. However, there are ways that you can more effectively cope with the chaos this year and reduce the prevalence of chaos during next year’s holiday season.

Can I modify my parenting plan out of court?

When you and your child’s other parent decided to separate, you may have been required to create a parenting plan to accompany your child custody order. Or perhaps you simply opted to create a parenting plan in order to address certain issues not contained in your child custody order. Either way, as long as your parenting plan was executed in certain ways, it is a legally binding contract.

Combating your fear during a child custody dispute

We have previously written about how important it is not to let your negative emotions dictate your actions during a family law dispute. Many people allow anger, confusion and grief to compromise their cases in ways they ultimately regret. While having negative emotions is normal and arguably healthy during a family law dispute, it is important not to let them unduly influence the process.

Tips for co-parenting effectively during the school year

When most Americans contemplate the seasons, they think about “Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.” However, many co-parents understandably measure the seasons as “School and Summer.” Some child custody arrangements allow children’s schedules to change dramatically between the summer and the school year. But even for those families whose child custody arrangements remain relatively stable between summer and the school year, the transition between these two points in time can be challenging.

Thinking about relocating with your child?

Kids tend to think that being an adult is easier than being a child. In some ways, it certainly is. And in some ways, being an adult is much more difficult. Once you have gained the freedom to make your own choices, you must exercise that freedom at varying degrees of risk. For example, you may be contemplating relocation due to work, love, medical need or another compelling reason. However, you may be worried about how relocation will affect your child and/or your child custody arrangements. Making choices like this is part of what makes being an adult uniquely challenging.

Co-parents, summer vacation is almost here

Within the next two weeks, children all over Ohio and throughout the nation will officially be on summer vacation from school. For many families, this time of year is particularly complex. Many parents continue to work throughout the summer months and many families are forced to deal with the summer schedules of two households instead of one.

Should you allow your kids to travel abroad with your ex?

Nowadays, many American children are given the opportunity to travel abroad. Not so long ago, international travel was generally only an opportunity provided to affluent children. However, the American travel culture is no longer so restricted. International travel can be a fantastic way for children to learn about other cultures, to experience the breadth of the human experience and to have a wonderful vacation with their families. However, it is important for co-parents to think carefully before they consent to allowing their children to travel internationally with their other parent.

Advice for divorcing parents

“More advice?” you may be asking, after reading the title of this post. If you have recently decided to divorce or have recently finalized a divorce, you have likely been given more unsolicited advice than you would prefer. Chances are that your loved ones, colleagues, acquaintances and even strangers may be giving you advice about your divorce and your children, even if you have not asked for it.

Can science play a role in simplifying child custody setups?

Massachusetts family law prioritizes the best interests of children. For the most part, so do parents who are going through the process of divorce. When the courts, parents and divorce lawyers all understand that protecting the kids is of utmost importance, healthy child custody arrangements can be made.

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