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How do I equitably divide artwork in a divorce settlement?

When couples divorce, every single object, asset and debt that they share must ultimately be addressed in one way or another. As a result, the process of determining property division as it pertains to a divorce settlement can be understandably complex. Some couples opt for a relatively peaceful property division process, while others fight over every single spoon and light bulb they own. It is safe to assert that most couples tend to fall somewhere in the middle of these two extremes. For the most part, they are able to agree on property-related matters, with several contested matters up for debate during the negotiating process.

How do I prepare to file for divorce?

If you either know or suspect that you may be filing for divorce from your spouse, it is important to take several proactive steps that may help to protect your interests as your situation develops. Many individuals either know or suspect that they will eventually file for divorce, but they choose to put off the process for any number of reasons. Perhaps a personal illness or the illness of a family member makes filing for divorce imprudent at this time. Perhaps a compelling financial reason makes filing for divorce after the New Year a responsible choice. Perhaps you are waiting until the holiday season has wrapped up before you file.

Financially preparing for your divorce

Once you make the decision to move forward in life apart from your spouse, you are compelled to make numerous other decisions that you might otherwise wish to avoid. For example, you must decide how mutual possessions will be split, whether you will continue to interact socially with mutual friends and how you will cope with the transition from a household financially defined by two people’s needs to a household defined primarily by yours.

When a judge chooses not to enforce your prenup

Prenuptial agreements can serve as valuable legal tools under a variety of circumstances. They may help to protect property and assets in the event of divorce, they may inspire couples to sort out their financial priorities prior to marriage and they may even help to regulate certain behaviors like social media usage. However, prenuptial agreements must be constructed and otherwise executed in specific ways in order to be considered enforceable.

Preparing for a divorce deposition

Just as every marriage is unique, every divorce is unique in its own ways as well. Each couple opting to divorce brings its own values, priorities and circumstances to the table. Sometimes it is easy for a couple to mediate their divorce. Other times, important property and/or child custody issues make it important for a couple to litigate the divorce process.

Protecting your finances during divorce in 1, 2, 3

Divorce can be a very nerve-wracking and emotionally-draining time. Part of the reason for this could be because you sense that your financial well-being is at risk. To help ease your mind, here are three tips that can help you protect your finances while going through divorce.

More tips about protecting family business from divorce

In our past divorce law post, we started a conversation about when business meets divorce. Some couples not only join together in a marital union, but they also collaborate professionally. Maybe they even started their own family business.

No longer partners in life, how do exes remain business partners?

When some couples get together, they are joined at the hip. They have a home together. They are parents together. And some couples are even business owners together. All of that togetherness during a marriage can make for complications during a divorce.

Legal team can identify money threats versus real divorce risks

Men and women will say the darndest things when a marriage goes south. Words -- or threats -- that they may have never even thought were in their rhetorical repertoire might come out and make a stressful divorce situation even more stressful.

How a changing workforce can change traditional roles in divorce

The streets and businesses of Boston are filled with women with impressive educations, careers and career goals. Those professional women's goals might be no different from the men standing next to them. So what happens when two professionals get married and have children?

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