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Mediation Can De-Escalate Civil Disputes

In any disagreement, there are differing perspectives and multiple sides to the overall story. When conflicts escalate to the point of a lawsuit, the dispute is removed from the parties’ power to resolve it, and, instead, relegated to the court system and a judge who controls the outcome.

Left in the hands of a judge or an inexperienced jury, the parties both lose several things, including the control to decide their own fate, the confidentiality to maintain their privacy, the satisfaction of having played an active role in the resolution process, and, perhaps most of all, time and money.

Unlike a pending court case, mediation is an informal and confidential process where a neutral attorney will act to mediate your case in an unbiased fashion. Your mediator will encourage and facilitate resolution of your matter efficiently and effectively. Most importantly, your mediator will understand the law underlying the issues and will learn the dynamics of your particular case through the documents and objectives you provide to the mediator.

Through mediation, you will reach your own final agreement that is enforceable and also acceptable to all parties involved.

Our mediators facilitate and guide you through the identification of all necessary issues and interests, including those that you may not have previously considered. During the mediation process, you will process the following with the help of the mediator:

  • Identifying the important, relevant legal issues
  • Understanding the law involved and how it applies to your issues
  • Assessing and reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of your case
  • Determining common interests
  • Fostering joint problem-solving
  • Determining damages
  • Finalizing a mutual settlement agreement

We are here to help you and look forward to assisting you through this process if you choose mediation rather than litigation.

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