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At Kajko, Weisman & Colasanti, LLP, we recognize the emotional issues involved with a family law issue. We work with families to resolve disputes in a cooperative environment, especially when there are children involved. Contact us for a confidential consultation.

Our family law practice includes representation in matters related to:

Resolutions Oriented With Long-Term Effects

While our goal at Kajko, Weisman & Colasanti, LLP, is to resolve your family law matter in a noncontentious environment, family relationships continue long after the dispute is resolved. We are always ready to defend you or prosecute your case to protect your rights and needs of yourself and those you hold dear. We hope to facilitate positive relations and financial security going forward, but will be the legal team you need to reach your objectives.

Attention To Detail And Changing Situations

Our lawyers will perform a detailed review of all documentation before you sign any papers to ensure that your needs are met and your rights are protected. As situations change, we will continue to advocate on your behalf as needed following the finalization of the case. Post-decree filings that involve modifying financial or custody issues may also be filed on your behalf.

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