Back-to-school time and ending your marriage

For parents, the time of year when their children return to school can be challenging for different reasons. If you have a child who is getting ready for school start back up, you may be dealing with some of these hurdles yourself, such as buying school supplies, buying clothes, and trying to talk with your child about how their daily life will change. At Kajko, Weisman & Colasanti, our Massachusetts law firm also understands the ways that divorce can be particularly difficult for parents during this time of year.

There are various things you may want to keep in mind when it comes to ending your marriage and the impact it may have on your child. For example, during school season, children may feel even more stressed out. As a result, you should try to communicate properly with your child, address any concerns they have, and provide answers to their questions. By understanding how your child sees your divorce and taking their point of view into consideration, you may be able to make the transition easier for them.

It is vital for parents to do what they can to make divorce easier for many reasons. Whether parents want to reduce the emotional impact divorce has on their children or prevent divorce from interfering with performance in class and extracurricular activities, parents should always try to protect their child’s best interests.

If you browse to our page on divorce, you will be able to go over more on some of the different family law topics that couples may have to work through.



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