Before going through a high net worth divorce, think of the Bezos

Divorce, no matter when, why or how it happens, can be challenging to get through. If significant assets are involved, things may prove even more difficult. There is a lot at stake in a high net worth divorce, so one cannot afford to make mistakes. Before getting started with the process, it may help some Massachusetts couples to think of the Bezos and follow their example of how to handle the situation.

The Amazon CEO and his wife officially divorced earlier this year. Their case was splashed all over the news, yet they seemed to settle quickly and were able to keep the entire process relatively amicable. The way they approached the end of their marriage is one from which other wealthy couples can learn.

The Bezos did four things that helped their divorce proceedings move along without a lot of drama. First, they put out a statement together so they were the ones telling their divorce story. Second, they sought help when it came time to navigate all the legal, emotional and financial intricacies of the dissolution process. Third, they knew the whole thing would not be easy, anticipated problems would arise and seemed to keep calm throughout the entire process anyway. Finally, fourth, from the outside looking in, they appeared to work together to reach fair settlement terms rather than fight over every detail in court.

Now, most wealthy Massachusetts residents will not have the details of their high net worth divorce cases reported to the world, but that does not mean they cannot follow the Bezos example. Any couple can benefit from cooperating and being willing to negotiate during the divorce process. Legal counsel can assist one in achieving fair and balanced settlement terms, whether through the negotiations process or, if absolutely necessary, litigation.


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