Businesses can defend against slip-and-fall claims by visitors

A surprising number of people think that if they fall inside a business or in a parking lot that they have an airtight lawsuit against that company. Many business owners and managers also fail to understand the nuances of a slip-and-fall claim after someone allegedly gets hurt at their business.

Exaggerated injuries after a slip-and-fall accident do happen, largely because people hope to get some money. People sometimes even fabricate claims and stage falls so that they can seek compensation from an insurance company or take a business to civil court.

Most businesses carry premises liability insurance and other forms of liability coverage to protect them from these kinds of claims. As a business owner or manager, however, you don’t want successful claims against that coverage, as they may increase your premiums. Can you defend against a slip-and-fall claim?

There has to be provable negligence for someone to hold you accountable

If someone came to your store while drunk and lost their balance, that is hardly your fault or your responsibility. However, if leaking equipment or a spill went unaddressed for hours, the person who fell might be able to claim that you were negligent.

Property owners need to meet certain reasonable standards for maintenance and cleanliness of their facilities. Specifically, they need to do the maintenance and cleaning that a reasonable person would agree is necessary.

When you open your business to the public, you need to be proactive in your approach to cleaning and upkeep. Otherwise, people might be able to claim that you were negligent enough to justify a premises liability insurance claim or a civil lawsuit against your company. Learning about your risks and rights can help you protect yourself against claims and litigation.



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