Child custody battle shows things aren’t always what they seem

There is no question that the family court systems’ top priority should be the well-being of children. Because no one should hesitate to try to protect a child, there are times when kids will be taken from the care of their parents. However, there are the complicated and tragic cases when someone’s parental rights are challenged based on error.

An out-of-state child custody case has made national news because of the sad but also important nature of it. It shows how seriously authorities will take supposed signs of child abuse. It also shows how child custody is worth fighting for when the truth is on a parent’s side.

In the case of the father of an infant who somehow suffered multiple fractures, his child custody fight meant proving that the fractures were not his doing. Imagine being a loving parent who knows you didn’t hurt your child but having her taken away because of her injuries. It would likely be devastating and extremely scary. The truth — child custody — would be worth fighting for.

His and his wife’s fight for the truth proved worthwhile. Medical professionals and a similar case to the family’s supported an argument for the father, that it was a medical condition, not child abuse, that caused the baby’s injuries. A rare bone disease resulted in the fractures and almost took away a father’s rights to his baby girl.

Child custody cases are highly sensitive because of how important a child’s safety is. But parental rights are also worth protecting in some circumstances where, for example, the authorities, a medical professional or maybe an ex shares bad or false information. A family law attorney can help someone in a child custody dispute make sure that his child’s future is best served.

Source: Yahoo! Shine, “Child’s Rare Bone Disease Leads to Mistaken Charges Against Dad,” Claudine Zap, Nov. 15, 2013


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