Back, Head And Neck Injuries

Helping Clients After A Serious Back, Head Or Neck Injury

Some injuries suffered in an accident are more difficult to diagnose than others. Among the more complex are head, neck and back injuries.

If you are involved in a car accident, motorcycle accident, workplace accident or a slip-and-fall accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, it is important to avoid making any statements to your insurance provider or a third-party insurance provider until your injuries have been thoroughly examined by a physician. Even then, it is smart to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer before you speak with an insurance provider.

The lawyers at Kajko, Weisman & Colasanti, LLP, are committed to helping accident victims maximize the amount they receive in personal injury lawsuits. We use our insights, knowledge and extensive resources to build strong cases that can withstand the scrutiny of deep-pocketed insurance companies.

We Have The Resources To Recover The Full Amount You Are Owed

Neck and back injuries can involve damage to muscles, the vertebrae in the spinal column or the spinal cord itself. These injuries can be extremely painful and often require extensive medical treatment followed by long-term physical therapy. In the most serious cases, a victim may be permanently paralyzed or injured to the extent where he or she is unable to perform routine job duties.

Head injuries can be just as debilitating. These injuries often result in major life changes that interrupt careers and change lives. Complicating matters is the fact that the seriousness of a head injury is not always immediately apparent.

Our attorneys advocate for full compensation to cover medical costs, lost wages, long-term rehabilitation, and pain and suffering. We have established a network of medical professionals, accident reconstruction specialists and other highly regarded professionals who help us build compelling cases.

Let Our Legal Team Review Your Case

Simply stated, we add value to our clients’ personal injury cases. If we do not feel strongly that we can recover more money for you through negotiations or a court judgment — even after our fees are paid — we will tell you as much upfront.

We offer a free consultation in which we can review the facts of your head injury, neck injury or spine injury and provide a straightforward assessment of the strength of your case. Call 781-860-9500, or use our contact form to schedule an appointment.

For our clients’ convenience, we have offices in Lexington and Nashua, and we serve clients in the Greater Boston area and throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

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