Common disputes between landlords and tenants

Ideally, landlords and tenants would be able to get along and abide by the rules of the contracts that they signed. But this doesn’t always happen, and these two parties can run into some serious disputes.

No matter which side of the equation you’re on, it’s important to understand why these disputes happen and what legal options you have. Let’s look at a few of the most common reasons.

Rent issues

First and foremost, issues crop up when the tenant does not pay their rent on time or if they do not pay it at all. Tenants may also be frustrated if the rent gets raised on a place where they were already living.

Subletting the apartment

Many landlords do not want to allow subletting, which essentially gives the renter a chance to choose someone to take over their contract. But some people will try to illegally sublet rooms to lower their own costs.

Doing maintenance or making changes

For tenants, there is often a sense of frustration associated with the idea that they don’t feel maintenance is being done properly or that serious issues within the residence are not being addressed. Landlords, however, may be frustrated when tenants decide to make changes, such as painting the rooms or doing other things of this nature.

Violating rules

Landlords can also set up a wide variety of rules that tenants may violate. For instance, a landlord may have a no-pets rule and a tenant may still attempt to sneak a pet into the building, causing damage.

These are just a few of the reasons that disputes happen, but you can see how important it is for all involved to understand what steps they can take.



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