Devito and Perlman separate after 30 years

Boston residents and TV watchers all over the world know her best as Carla Tortelli, the divorced mother of at least four kids on the hit sitcom Cheers, but actress Rhea Perlman is now having real-life marital issues with her husband of 30 years, the actor Danny DeVito. The two have allegedly separated, and, according to sources, a high asset divorce is likely to follow.

Perlman, age 64, and DeVito, 67, have been together since meeting at an off-Broadway play many years ago and have since gone on to collaborate both as actors and in business. The two worked together on numerous film and TV projects; they also founded the production company Jersey Films, which has produced such hit films as Garden State and Pulp Fiction.

When two people have been together for such a long time, especially two wealthy people with wide and varied sources of income, a divorce is quite likely to involve some very complex property division.

The divorce settlement will have to account for the distribution of assets in an equitable manner, and in a high asset divorce, this can quickly become intensely complicated. Perlman and DeVito’s assets include business holdings, royalties from shows like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Cheers, and other property and assets accrued over three decades. As a result, any settlement that the parties reach will have to account for all these things in a way that hopefully considers the parties’ emotional attachment to certain items, but still distributes the property in a way that is objectively fair and in accordance with the law. Any time large tangible assets are at stake, special care and expertise will be necessary to ensure that a person’s rightful property is protected.

Source: Huffington Post “Danny DeVito Divorce: Celebrities Who Made Extravagant Purchases Post-Split,” Kelsey Borresen, Oct. 17, 2012


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