Did a construction company switch to inferior materials on you?

Many construction companies or contractors are reputable. They let you know about the breadth of materials available on the market that they can use to complete your project. They purchase and use whatever it is that you select and charge a fair rate.

Other contractors will show you a wide range of products that they can use to complete your project and discuss the benefits of using them. Many of these contractors will lock you in at a higher rate associated with them using higher quality materials only to use inferior ones to carry out your project for a much lower cost.

A contractor who engages in the above-referenced deception is unlikely to tell you of their bait and switch tactics. They often pocket the difference in cost. You have options in responding to such tactics.

Why are bait and switch construction tactics such a problem?

The substitution of inferior products for more expensive ones is more than just a type of preference or financial deception. It can affect structural stability, which can have time implications attached to it if a project has to be redone.

Do construction contracts forbid bait and switch tactics?

Contractors should ideally spell out the materials that will be used for a construction project in a contract. Their contract should outline how they’ll need to provide you with receipts for any materials purchases as well.

Most contracts do include a clause that the contractor must notify you of any changes in materials. If it does, then you might be able to sue a contractor who engages in bait and switch tactics as described above. If you and your contractor didn’t commit to any such agreement in writing, then it can be much harder to make a claim.

You should carefully review your contract to see what materials you and your contractor agreed to use in your project before deciding how to proceed in your case.



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