Divorce and your child’s college education

There are many facets of divorce to consider, especially if you have children. From child support to custody, it is vital to prepare for the different ways that ending your marriage could change your child’s life. In fact, even if you have an older child who is already in college or preparing for college, your decision to divorce could affect them in different ways. As a parent, it is important to be prepared to help your child and understand your responsibilities.

For starters, your divorce settlement might address college expenses and the obligations of you and your child’s other parent. Even if your child is very young, these arrangements could have an impact on your finances when they enroll in college in the future. Sometimes, child support payments are no longer required once a child turns 18. On the other hand, some parents are obligated to continue making child support payments when their adult child is in college. You may also be going through challenges related to the college your child is considering attending, whether you wish to encourage them to apply at a specific institution or disagree with the school they have chosen.

Aside from the aforementioned issues, a current or prospective college student may be emotionally affected by their parent’s divorce. For example, they may feel stressed out or depressed, which could affect their performance in class. As a result, you should also focus on ways to make the transition easier. On our divorce page, you can explore more on ending a marriage.



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