Divorced or divorcing? Lessons from ‘Self-Improvement Month’

Are you aware of the fact that September is “Self-Improvement Month”? It may seem odd to you that September has received this designation, primarily because January is the month that most Americans likely associate with the act of self-improvement. And yet, it is somewhat refreshing that a month generally associated with lovely weather and relatively low levels of stress has been designated a time that one should consider investing in self-improvement.

If you are divorcing or have already finalized your divorce, you may be eager to create a life that is healthier and happier than the one you lived while your marriage was coming to an end. Even if you are not yet eager to construct this kind of positive life, you can likely glimpse what it will be like to feel this way again. As a result, “Self-Improvement Month” is an occasion that may be uniquely embraced by individuals who are divorcing and who have already divorced.

Only you can know what kinds of self-improvement you may benefit from focusing on at this time and into the future. If you are unsure, it may benefit you to speak with a counselor. Divorce is often traumatic and sometimes individuals who are divorcing or have divorced benefit from seeking this kind of support.

Regardless, “Self-Improvement Month” can be used as an excellent excuse to dig into whatever self-care or healthy habits you feel that you might need to begin cultivating or working on with additional focus and energy. There is no need to wait until New Year’s Day. The opportunity to better yourself is here now.

Source: Success, “It’s Self-Improvement Month!” Chris Widener, Aug. 29, 2014


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