Divorced parties debunk myths about divorce

The Huffington Post shares a long list of supposed “ridiculous” beliefs that many people have regarding divorce. The divorce process and aftermath is different in each case, but one blanket truth is that those who don’t go through the legal process just won’t understand the complexities of splitting up.

According to some people who have actually ended their marriages, the following are just a couple of the common misconceptions that outsiders display about divorce and those who make the choice to do so:

Divorce is the easy choice

Taking marriage vows is a serious life choice. The “for better or for worse” notion is an admirable but romantic idea about life. Some who might not understand the unhappiness and dysfunction that plagues another’s marriage might assume that divorce was chosen on a whim or that the couple didn’t try to work things out.

That might not only a wrong assumption but an offensive one. For many, divorce is the last attempt to save the relationship (though not the marriage) so partners and their kids can lead healthier lives.

Divorce is a tragedy

In some family’s cases, there is a sad aspect to divorce. Life didn’t turn out the way they planned when they said “I do.” But for many, ending the marriage is the beginning of a better, happier life — not just for the adults but the kids, too. Finding love again is a possibility. Being successful co-parents is more common than some might think. Divorce is not the mark of a failure; rather, it can be a means to a truly happy ending.

Myths about divorce can even keep those who might be interested in leaving their spouse from moving forward with that idea. A divorce attorney in their area can help address misconceptions and worries in order for someone to make a level-headed, informed decision about the future of their family.

Source: The Huffington Post, “21 Ridiculous Things People Believe About Divorce,” Jan. 10, 2014


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