From spotlight to limelight: Winslet bashed for custody comments

You might always think of Kate Winslet as the auburn-haired star with the wind blowing her hair on the Titanic, but the star is facing more than praise and admiration right now. A fathers’ rights group has spoken out regarding Winslet’s comments and attitude about her child custody arrangements.

The star and mother of three is making family law-related news because of a quote she gave to a magazine recently. A group called Fathers4Justice has gone so far to use Winslet’s well-known faces an ad for their pro-fathers’ rights cause.

Instead of “best dressed” under the star’s face, the ad reads, “Kate, every child deserves their father this Christmas.” The parental rights advocacy group based its ad on Winslet’s recent comments that even though her children each have different fathers, none of them goes back and forth between her and their dads. They are with her; “That is it!” she shares.

Those comments, published in Vogue, ignited upset within the F4J group. Members apparently believe that Winslet is dismissing the importance of the presence of the father in a child’s life. A father is important to the well-being of a child, though that depends on the specific family, of course. We admittedly don’t know all of the details about Winslet’s children, their fathers and the agreements between Winslet and the fathers of her kids.

When a Massachusetts father feels that his parental rights are being neglected or wrongfully taken from him, he has legal options. A family law attorney can help with a paternity action, in order to try to distinguish and rightfully assign parental rights to a father. With any family law matter involving kids, however, the court will always look at the specific circumstances and rule with the children’s interests in mind.

Winslet is reportedly warning to sue the father’s rights group because of the negative light it has cast on her. These are sensitive matters, but they are, some might say, of Titanic-sized importance to the happiness of parents and their kids.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Kate Winslet Targeted By Fathers’ Rights Group Over Parenting Arrangements,” Cavan Sieczkowski, Dec. 20, 2013


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