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High-level seats in companies are usually reserved for competitive, dedicated and connected individuals. If you have made it to an executive or managerial position — or if you have your eye on one — then you probably have a keen instinct and a drive to succeed. You are also probably dedicated to maintaining a strict professionalism — a principle that could lead you to intense disappointment should a co-worker step over the line, entering into the territory of sexual harassment. At Kajko, Weisman & Colasanti, LLP, we are proud to consult with Massachusetts professionals about these issues in order to preserve reputations, stabilize situations at work and pursue results that align with career goals.

The first thing we usually try to impress upon our clients is that many people experience sexual harassment. We know that this type of behavior is no reflection on performance levels, competence or any objective quality our clients have. Rather, it is an injurious action engendered by subjective prejudice.

The problem would likely already be advanced by the time your frustration came to the point where you intended to pursue legal action. There are, as discussed in this Entrepreneur article, various levels of sexual harassment. However, we realize that you might want to handle the problem in an unobtrusive manner for your company’s sake, regardless of the egregious behavior involved.

Many of our clients feel this way, so we often suggest pursuing internal procedure before we begin actions that could remain on the public record, potentially damaging both the company and the claimant. We fully believe in the power of the law to resolve these matters, but we also have a deep respect for the wishes of our clients. Please read more on our primary site.



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