Having one’s car run off the road can lead to insurance disputes

It happened. While driving along, one’s vehicle ended up crashed on the side of the road because another driver’s car came too close for comfort, causing one to swerve. Being run off the road can be a terrifying experience. Victims of such events often end up injured and dealing with significant physical, financial and emotional losses, but seeking relief for these losses can prove a challenging feat. Insurance disputes may arise that many Massachusetts residents may not be equipped to handle on their own.

There are various reasons why a person may run another individual’s car off the road. The biggest reason these events happen, though, is distracted driving. People pay too much attention to their cellphones, radios and passengers — among other things, — that they fail to really focus on the road. As they are not paying attention, they are likely to leave the scene of an accident, not knowing they caused it.

When a driver fails to remain at the scene of a crash, tracking him or her down can be difficult. However, it is possible in some cases. If found, one may be able to seek compensation by filing claims with that individual’s insurance provider. If this individual is never found, relief may have to be sought by filing claims with one’s own insurance. Either way, one may find it a struggle to get sufficient compensation for the damages sustained, as insurance providers are known to pay out as little as possible.

Negotiating with an insurance provider is something many people feel they are unable to do, but it can be done. No one should have to agree to a subpar settlement that barely covers the damage to one’s vehicle, let alone any other losses experienced. Massachusetts residents who find themselves dealing with insurance disputes following a car crash can turn to legal counsel for assistance negotiating fair settlements.


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