Higher divorce rate: sign of a better economy?

What finally made or would make you come to the decision to divorce? Maybe a big disagreement or infidelity pushed you to the big decision. For many, filing for divorce is put off until the finances are just right.

Money matters and how they link to divorce trends in the country are widely discussed and studied. This country, for the most part, is coming out of a great recession. Research suggests that easier economic times are increasing the divorce rate. But it might not be so simple, according to various studies and history.

A few years ago, when people in Massachusetts and the U.S. in general were struggling the most to make ends meet, research showed that the difficult economy slowed down the divorce rate. There a couple of theories to go along with that trend.

One is that couples were pulling together during a difficult time and choosing marriage over divorce. The other is that even those who were unhappily married didn’t go through with a divorce because they simply could not afford it. Debt, home loan struggles and unemployment made paying for a divorce too much of a financial setback.

Now that fewer people in the country are struggling as much as a they were in 2009, are fewer couples hesitating to end their marriages? Whether it is an economic upswing that is changing family law trends or something else, numbers don’t lie. More people are divorcing and in need of divorce lawyers.

A family law attorney can explain the potential costs of the divorce process to someone who might be hesitating to move forward with the decision. It can be difficult not just to finally file the papers but to get through the process of divorcing. However, a divorce serves as not just an end but as a fantastic beginning for many men and women.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “Divorces rise as economy recovers, study finds,” Emily Alpert Reyes, Jan. 27, 2014


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