How does remarriage affect your child?

A major part of child custody is learning to adjust to the changes in your family structure. As time goes on, you and your ex may remarry, adding new spouses and possibly other children into your home. Many times, this can cause some disruption with your children. In some custody cases in Massachusetts, it could even lead to your children not wanting to visit your home anymore. You have to be aware of how getting remarried can affect your kids to avoid such problems. notes that adding new family members take a toll on children because they may see your visitation time as a time to spend with just you. If you have been single for a while, this may be a bigger issue because your child has gotten used to it just being the two of you. He or she likely treasures that one-on-one time. You have to think about how things will change for your child before you get remarried.

Another important point to keep in mind is the reaction of your ex. If he or she is resentful towards your new spouse, this could rub off on your child. Many times kids feel as if they cannot like the new spouse because it will make them disloyal to their other parent. Anticipate such issues and discuss them with your ex and your kids.

Finally, children may have held onto the hope that you and their other parent would get back together. This is a common thing, but it does not make it something you should ignore. You and your ex need to address this if this is how your child feels. This information is educational and is not legal advice.


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