How social media can harm you during divorce

With billions of users worldwide, social media has become a routine part of life. People use online platforms for various reasons, such as sharing pictures, messaging, shopping, business and much more.

While this all sounds harmless enough, there are some potential drawbacks, particularly if you are going through a divorce. Outlined below are some important things to consider.

News travels fast

You may have blocked your ex, their closest friends and family members. This isn’t necessarily enough to ensure that your posts won’t get back to them. The average social media user has dozens of contacts. Can you really be sure that you’ve gotten rid of all mutual contacts? Even if you have, your account may allow anyone to access your posts, even when the security settings have been tightened. Remember, what you post is typically fair game as evidence in the courtroom.

Painting the right image

You and your spouse have kids together, and custody is the first thing to tackle during divorce proceedings. If you and your spouse can’t come up with an amicable arrangement, then the court will step in and come to a ruling based on the child’s best interests. They’ll be looking at your abilities as a parent and the environment you can provide for the child. While there is nothing wrong with sharing pictures of your outings on social media, you have to be careful about the image they present. Photos can be taken out of context, which could impact your custody rights.

It’s important to protect your rights both as a spouse and parent during divorce. Seeking some legal guidance will help greatly with this.


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