How to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace

While no working environment is perfect, there are certain things Massachusetts residents should not have to deal with when either on or off the clock. Sexual harassment is one of those things. What can people do when they are dealing with this form of harassment?

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, there is a very specific way sexual harassment should be attacked. First, victims should ask their harassers to stop — if that is something they feel comfortable doing. Sometimes, they don’t, and that is okay. Second, victims need to report the problem to the human resources department and/or management.

Most companies have very clear sexual harassment policies. Unfortunately, these policies are not always followed. Because of this, victims often fear saying anything because they worry they will be fired or otherwise retaliated against for doing so. Retaliation, in any of its forms, is illegal.

Sexual harassment victims do not have to sit by and allow their harassers to get away with what they are doing. Steps can be taken to deal with the matter. If one’s employer does not take one’s complaints seriously, legal actions may be appropriate. Massachusetts residents who are interested in pursuing legal claims against their harassers and/or their employers can turn to an experienced employment law attorney to look into doing so. Legal counsel can review the details of one’s case and, if deemed appropriate, help one file a claim with the EEOC as well as file claims in civil court in an effort to help one seek maximum compensation for any losses experienced.


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