Is divorce in the future for Douglas and Zeta-Jones?

Residents here in Massachusetts who are familiar with celebrity gossip are likely aware of the recent news floating around the internet this month concerning actors Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. They recently announced that they would be taking a break from their marriage in an attempt to evaluate it better. Some are now speculating that this could mean that divorce is just around the corner.

In defense of he and Zeta-Jones’ decision to spend some time apart from each other, Douglas spoke to reporters in an attempt to clear the air about what this decision means for their marriage. Although many have speculated that the couple is headed for divorce, Douglas told reporters that the couple’s marriage is fine and expressed anger over the fact that the media has been sensationalizing he and his wife’s decision to temporarily separate.

If the couple does in fact decide to call it quits after 12 years of marriage, the smoothness of their high-asset divorce will hinge on a number of things. First thing to consider is whether the couple signed a prenuptial agreement. With this document, the couple may have an easier time dividing assets and determining what property belongs to whom. Then there are the couple’s two children to consider as well. As readers of our blog know, child custody battles can get incredibly complicated and can sometimes draw out a divorce for longer than couple’s might think.

For a situation such as this, legal representation may be necessary, especially if the couple decides to make their temporary separation a permanent one down the road.



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