Is thinking about divorce a red flag?

If you are married and find yourself wondering about whether you should pursue a divorce, your thought process may or may not be a red flag. It is safe to say that most married couples have contemplated divorce at one time or another. No matter how solid your union is, you and your spouse have bound your lives together and there is bound to be friction when two people attempt to live life on the same path.

Only you can know whether your thoughts are a red flag or not. If you are thinking about divorce seriously, consider asking yourself a few questions. Is your relationship unhealthy? If so, is it possible to make it healthy again? Are both you and your spouse willing to work to make it healthy again? Ultimately, if you are in a relationship that is unlikely to regain a healthy dynamic, you may be seriously contemplating divorce for a very good reason.

If you remain unsure about whether or not your thoughts about divorce are a red flag or not, it can be helpful to get a second opinion. Even if you are uncomfortable about seeking counseling with your spouse (or your spouse is currently unwilling to seek counseling with you), nothing is stopping you from seeking a professional opinion on your own. If finances are stopping you from seeking counseling, please consider speaking with some local counselors about your financial situation and asking if an arrangement can be made.

If divorce is the healthiest option for you, an attorney will be able to help you navigate the legal aspects of divorce. But only you can fully know whether or not divorce is indeed the healthiest option for you and your future.

Source: Yahoo Health, “Is It Normal to Contemplate Divorce When You’re Married?” Women’s Health, May 26, 2015


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