Is your spouse hiding a cryptocurrency cache from you ahead of your divorce?

Many individuals have begun sinking funds into cryptocurrencies in recent years. Their reason for doing so is two-pronged. Cryptocurrencies are relatively anonymous, and thus continue to be largely unregulated. They also are a new investment option and quite attractive to individuals looking to buy-in low.

As for downsides to cryptocurrencies? They’re hard to track down if you have a spouse who purchases them without your knowledge during your marriage. There isn’t an account statement that arrives every month or quarter.

A recent CNBC article highlighted how an estimated 20 million Americans currently own cryptocurrency. Its collective value is nearly $2 trillion. Trying to figure out if your spouse owns cryptocurrency may be challenging. However, you can take some steps to determine whther your spouse owns cryptocurrency and how you might be able to get your share of it.

Determining whether your spouse has cryptocurrency

You may want to dig deep into your memory when trying to determine whether your spouse may have cryptocurrency. Think back on the following when trying to determine if:

  • You and your spouse have previously had conversations about the prospect of investing in cryptocurrency.
  • There’s been a remarkable lifestyle change for your spouse. You might notice that they’ve recently acquired some expensive items like jewelry or a fancy car.

You may also notice that your spouse has become increasingly secretive or claims to have access to less cash. This could indicate that they have invested in cryptocurrency.

How you might gain access to your spouse’s cryptocurrency

Although unlawful, spouses often hide assets to avoid having to split  them in a divorce. But you can take measures to uncover assets. Attorneys with familiarity in handling high-asset divorces will likely know of some techniques to employ to uncover hidden assets.



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