Marital debt and other property division issues

If you are anticipating a divorce, you may be working through a variety of issues with your spouse. Unfortunately, couples who have decided to separate cannot always agree on certain matters, from the custody of children to alimony and property division. While divorce courts distribute a couple’s marital property, they also split up marital debt. At Kajko, Weisman & Colasanti, our Boston, Massachusetts law firm understands how troubling the division of debts can be.

Whether you and your spouse have debt due to auto loans, credit cards, a mortgage or any other source, handling these debts during divorce can be complicated. If you and your spouse can agree on how to split up debts, you may be able to move forward with a more amicable divorce. However, spouses often do not see eye to eye and a judge may have to decide how your marital debt will be distributed.

Aside from debt, you may be facing a host of other property division problems. For example, you may be worried about what will happen to the family home, your financial accounts or personal property that has sentimental value. Regardless of the nature of your concerns, you should review how courts usually decide to distribute property and debt. By preparing for the potential financial ramifications that may come with separating from your spouse, you could be able to make the entire divorce process less challenging.

On our page dedicated to divorce, you can access additional information that is related to property division and other family law matters.



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