Mechanics lien exists to protect construction suppliers

Massachusetts construction contractors and suppliers perform a valuable service in Massachusetts. These companies are the backbone of construction projects throughout the state, both large and small.

A construction supplier provides valuable materials to projects, and sometimes they don’t receive timely payment for their work. In these cases, they have legal tools available.

mechanics lien in Massachusetts is a way for an unpaid party to secure payment by receiving a security interest in the property. Any party that furnishes labor or supplies to a construction site is entitled to mechanics lien protection. Design professionals, such as architects and engineers, also have the right to a mechanics lien.

Certain deadlines must be met before the lien is enforced. Depending on the type of contractor/subcontractor, a notice of identification is filed within 30 days of commencing work. A Notice of Subcontract and a Statement of Account are filed within 60/90/120 days after a substantial completion is filed, a termination is filed, or after the last materials or labor are delivered.

Construction suppliers deserve to be paid promptly for their services. Most of the time, this is the case in Massachusetts, but occasionally they are treated unfairly. In these cases, a supplier has the right to file a construction lien against the property. A legal professional who is skilled in civil litigation can help their clients file these liens and ensure they are treated like the professionals that they are.

An attorney understands the ins and outs of Massachusetts mechanics lien laws and can make sure the process is followed accurately to ensure they are ultimately paid for their services.


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