Mediation may be an option in your high net worth divorce

Divorce mediation is quickly becoming one of the most effective ways to end a marriage. Mediation is a collaborative process, which means that spouses can work together to overcome disputes that often delay a divorce. For most couples, this is a far better alternative than divorce litigation.

Unfortunately, divorce mediation does not work for everyone. As such, many Massachusetts and New Hampshire couples entering a high net worth divorce believe that mediation is not a viable option. While this is true in some situations, our family law attorneys believe it is worth your time to consider this alternate method of divorcing.

Possible benefits of mediating a high net worth divorce

Privacy: Maintaining privacy is a concern for most involved in a high net worth divorce. Mediation keeps your divorce issues out of the public’s view.

Compromise: Litigation offers little room for compromise. Mediation encourages spouses to engage in mutually beneficial “give and take” sessions. The ability to compromise, particularly during property division, reduces stress and anxiety for everyone involved.

Speed: In most cases, mediating a divorce concludes much faster than traditional litigation.

Less expensive: The costs of a litigated high net worth divorce can quickly skyrocket. Choosing mediation helps control costs on both sides of the divorce.

Cooperation: Those who share children benefit from mediation as it allows them to build a strong foundation upon which to communicate cooperatively about issues involving their kids.

You do not have to decide whether mediation will work on your own. Take your high net worth divorce issues to an attorney for review. Together, you can make an informed decision about the possibility of mediation for your situation.

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