Modifications to child support orders can work both ways

Paying child support is not a one-time obligation. Parents will often have to comply with these orders for several years, which can be daunting. However, as time goes on, circumstances can change, making it appropriate to pursue a review of an existing child support order.

For instance, if you are paying child support and you suffer a serious injury that leaves you unable to work temporarily and buried under medical bills, you could seek a modification to your child support order. Any significant event that makes it impossible or incredibly difficult to pay child support can warrant a modification. It works the other way, too.

If you are paying child support and get a dramatic pay increase at work, win the lottery or come into a great sum of money from an inheritance, your ex could be the one seeking a modification to child support.

For example, recently, three women filed requests to have child support and benefits modified. Reports indicate that the requests were made in light of news that the father of their children, NFL player Janoris Jenkins, has signed a $28 million dollar deal.

The request for modification is not surprising, and it may very well be something you encounter if you or your ex starts making substantially more money.

Child support amounts are based on calculations that take into account factors like income and earning potential. These factors rarely stay the same forever, though changes are not always substantial. In situations like Jenkins’, however, the huge influx in earnings warrants a review of existing support orders. With new calculations conducted, the courts can order more (or less) money.

If you have questions about child support modification requests in Massachusetts, it can be critical that you discuss the situation sooner, rather than later, with your attorney. This can help you get a better idea of what options you have and what changes you might be able to expect.


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