Moving forward after your divorce has been finalized

When your divorce papers are signed and filed with the courts, the finality of this life event may inspire a host of emotions. You may feel an understandable sadness, an understandable relief or a combination of these two broad emotional states. However, simply because your divorce has been finalized does not mean that you are completely done with the divorce process. Healing and moving forward in a healthy way is truly the final step for anyone navigating the end of a marriage.

Chances are that for some time now, you have been focused on the nuances and complexities of your divorce. You have been concerned with dividing your assets, creating a parenting plan for any children you may have and planning practically for your newly single life. Now that your divorce has been finalized, it may benefit you to keep a few strategies in mind while you navigate the process of healing and moving forward.

First, understand that the healing process takes time. If you take excellent care of yourself and focus on your future happiness with as optimistic an attitude as possible, it will be difficult to steer yourself wrong. Do not hesitate to seek out support and give yourself space to both grieve and grow during this period of transition.

Second, consider engaging in new hobbies, picking old hobbies back up and finding new social outlets. Staying busy is a great way to remain engaged in life even when it feels a bit overwhelming. In addition, connecting with various personal passions can help to lift your spirit on challenging days.

Finally, give yourself permission to focus on your needs and the needs of your children. It is okay to say no to social and business obligations that drain you. Your divorce has likely left you feeling somewhat depleted and recharging should absolutely become an important priority as a result.

Source: Huffington Post, “Life After Divorce: How To Move On After Divorce, According To Our Readers,” June 28, 2013


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