Officials take man into custody over unpaid child support

From losing passport privileges to stiff fines, this blog has covered many of the consequences that can come with missing child support payments for an extended period of time. However, non-custodial parents who have fallen behind may also be taken into custody in Boston, and cities around Massachusetts. For some parents, realizing the consequences of failing to pay child support is enough to ensure they stay current. However, some parents truly cannot pay their child support, such as those who lost a job or are struggling with a health crisis.

Law enforcement officials in New Jersey recently apprehended a man who had more than $14,000 in unpaid child support. In fact, the man was taken into custody while riding as a passenger in a vehicle someone else was driving, since authorities were aware of warrants for his arrest.

At this time, the 39-year-old man is being held at a jail in Ocean County. Authorities also arrested the person who was driving the vehicle, a 44-year-old woman who had an arrest warrant over shoplifting. Moreover, the two are facing charges related to drugs and other offenses.

Handling child support matters can be stressful, but non-custodial parents should do everything they can to protect their future. Depending on the details of a person’s circumstances, modifying a child support option may be a possibility. Child support modification can help parents have an easier time paying child support and avoid becoming delinquent. For those with questions about modification or any other child support issues, consulting an attorney could be helpful.

Source: Manchester Patch, “Manchester Man Wanted On $14K In Back Child Support Faces Drug Charges: Police,



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