Olivia Wilde sees the upside of getting divorced young

Olivia Wilde, whom Boston viewers would know from her role on the hit show “House,” eloped with an Italian prince (yes, an actual prince) when they were both 18. You might think a marriage that is so fairy-tale from the beginning like that might be destined to live happily ever after, but for Wilde, that wasn’t the case. She filed for divorce in March 2011 and her separation from her husband was finalized last autumn.

But Wilde, 27, recently told a magazine that she sees a silver lining to getting divorced early in one’s life.

Wilde did say that the separation was hard on her at first and that she felt unsteady for awhile, but she also said the separation taught her how to be independent and resourceful. She said the divorce showed her that there really is no big, overarching schedule in life and that each of us is free to be honest to ourselves and to our feelings.

Wilde also said that while she and her husband are no longer married, they still respect and admire each other. By all accounts, the separation was amicable. Neither sought spousal support from the other and they came to agree on a private property division settlement. Wilde did not elaborate too much on her reasons for divorcing her husband, but did say that they got married young and then proceeded to evolve over time until they got to a place where they were no longer the same people.

Of course, Wilde is only speaking about her own firsthand experiences. But her observations should show younger Boston readers who are having second thoughts about their marriages that divorce certainly does not have to be the end of the world.

Source: People Magazine, “What Olivia Wilde Says Is ‘Good’ About Getting Divorced Young,”
Liz Raftery, Feb. 2, 2012


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