Preventing sexual harassment within your company

While you run your company for the purpose of turning a profit, you also want your brand to be ethical. You have put lots of time and effort into building the business, but the contributions of your employees cannot be ignored.

Employees need a safe environment to work in order to produce optimal results, and this is what you aim to achieve. What measures can you take to try and minimize the risk of sexual harassment occurring within your company?

Communicate with your team

Firstly, you want to make sure that your employees are fully aware of what types of behaviors are acceptable and unacceptable. Many companies simply implement policies and procedures without communicating what they are. It may be worth holding some regular training days, and inductions for new staff. This way employees can never use the excuse that they weren’t aware of your stance on sexual harassment.

Hopefully, you never have to deal with a sexual harassment case, but if you’re in business for years, it’s likely that you will. If this occurs then you are going to want to evaluate your policies. Was the disciplinary procedure adequate? Is the person who faced harassment content with your investigations and their outcome? Did everyone involved receive due process?

With the appropriate training and guidance, you should be able to minimize sexual harassment in your company. Remember, this conduct can happen to anyone and there are numerous different forms of sexual harassment. The more information you have the better you’ll be able to legally protect your company and staff members.



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