Refocusing your divorce process – Part II

Last week, we began a discussion about how important it is to regularly check in with yourself throughout your divorce process and in the months following its finalization. Taking time to refocus your approach to your divorce and its aftermath can help you to ensure that you receive a fair settlement and that you are building a healthy future for yourself. Failure to refocus yourself from time to time can lead to a host of negative consequences.

We noted in our last post that because divorce can be uniquely distressing and disorienting, a routine refocusing process is critical. This process allows you to objectively assess whether your negative emotions or reactions to your divorce are in any way endangering the success of your settlement process or your future wellbeing.

When you sit down to refocus your process, consider asking yourself key questions like, Am I seeking support when I need it or am I defensively resisting support that I truly need? and Are my financial decisions aligned with my values and priorities both right now and for my future? You might also ask yourself if you are truly committing yourself to self-care and whether you are taking actions that may be uncomfortable or resisting important actions because of your discomfort. Trying to root out areas in your life that may be unbalanced can take some time and energy. However, if you take this process seriously and are willing to look at your situation as objectively as possible, refocusing can aid you in surviving the divorce process and thriving in its aftermath.

Source: The Huffington Post, 7 Resolutions to Having a Great Newly-Divorced Year, Bari Zell Weinberger, Jan. 13, 2015


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