Reviewing challenges that interfere with spousal support

During and after the divorce process, there are various challenges that can make life difficult, such as disagreements related to custody or the way that marital property is split up. However, spousal support can be challenging as well, especially if you run into financial hardships later on. Our law firm can understand the stress that you may be going through if you are not able to make your spousal support payments on time and the multitude of reasons why this problem can arise.

There are various reasons why you may not be able to pay spousal support or why you may believe that the amount you owe should be reduced. For example, you may have found yourself out of work after your job was terminated. Or, perhaps your former spouse has recently seen a significant increase in their income. If you are experiencing financial hardships due to job loss, having your hours cut or a medical condition you are suffering from, you might be able to have your spousal support order modified.

If you are in this position, you should not feel ashamed or think that you have no options without first exploring all avenues. Ultimately, it is very important for you to avoid falling behind on your spousal support payments, since doing so can create additional challenges in life. For example, you could have your tax refund offset or face other penalties. Head over to our divorce page if you would like to go over more material associated with spousal support.



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