Sexual harassment: Men could be at risk as well

Whether you’re a man or woman, you are at risk of becoming a victim of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is illegal across the United States, and both New Hampshire and Massachusetts have specific laws prohibiting it in the workplace.

Sexual harassment, which includes requests for sexual favors, sexual advances, and physical or verbal sexual conduct, are not legal. What’s interesting is that many people believe that it is only women who can experience harassment. Realistically, men are often the victims of sexual harassment, too.

Men can become victims of sexual harassment

Did you know that around a quarter of all men in the United States have admitted to being victims of contact sexual violence throughout their lives? Other statistics show that around 7% of male workers admit to being sexually harassed at work. In 62% of those cases, the harasser was allegedly a woman.

What should men know about sexual harassment in the workplace?

Men need to know that they are not alone in dealing with this problem. Although it is not as common for men to be victims of sexual harassment, it is serious if a man does become a victim.

If you are facing harassment in the workplace, it’s important for you to tell the other party to stop their behavior. If they do not, then it’s appropriate to turn to a supervisor, manager or your employer to discuss your concerns.

If they cannot help you, you may want to go to the human resources department to discuss your problem. Keep notes on the dates and times of the harassment.

If nothing is done about your complaints, keep this information to forward it to your attorney. You may want to file a claim through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or look into other options to make sure that you can be safe at work or move on from this job and penalize those who would not help you work in a safe environment.

Sexual harassment has no place in a workplace. If you’re a victim, it is your right to look into seeking help and compensation for what you’re been through.



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