Successful women more likely to divorce

While today is still very much a man’s world, more women in Massachusetts and elsewhere are finding success in the business world. This comes at a cost, however. It is believed that successful women are more likely to divorce than women who are not as successful as their husbands. Why is that?

A lot of times, it all comes down to pride. There are plenty of men out there who are okay with their wives being the breadwinners in the family. There are others, though, who are not. These individuals who believe in the traditional roles of men and women often struggle to reconcile with their situations, which causes friction in the relationship and, in many cases, ultimately leads to divorce.

Right or wrong, it is how it is. Several women recently shared their stories about their professional lives contributed to their divorces. One woman talked about how her business was more successful than her husband’s, and he couldn’t handle her success. Another woman said she had to have a job, but her ex-husband didn’t like the fact that is prevented her from taking care of things at home.

Finding someone who is really ready and willing to be a true partner in life, someone who will support one’s personal and professional goals is difficult. The theme among the women who shared their divorce stories is that they simply were not married to people who appreciated their ambition and drive to be successful. Women in Massachusetts who have found success in the business world and now find themselves facing divorce will need to take extra steps to protect themselves, their children — if applicable — and their companies throughout the process. Legal counsel can help these individuals fight for settlement terms that best suit their interests.


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