Taking a stand against sexual harassment is the only way to stop it

It is safe to say that things are better than ever for women in the workplace. Women receive better pay than they have in the past and have more responsibilities. Most men have come to understand the value female employees bring to the table and encourage them to excel.

However, female workers still have much to acquire in terms of fair treatment at work. Sexual harassment is also still a major problem for women in the workplace. As you know, sexual harassment can take many forms, all of which are objectionable to most employees.

Examples of workplace sexual harassment

What kinds of conduct can be considered sexual harassment? Harassment occurs when you have a co-worker, manager, client or boss who:

  • Demands sexual contact or favors
  • Offers a promotion or other benefits in exchange for sex
  • Makes lewd or suggestive remarks
  • Talks in an offensive manner about sex or women
  • Displays offensive images
  • Sends offensive or explicit texts or emails

Throughout the nation, employees have certain recognized rights in the workplace. Chief among these, female (and male) workers have the right to perform their duties in an environment that’s free of sexual harassment and discrimination. In our experience serving, we have seen how standing up against harassment can make a big difference in everyone’s future.

For example, initiating a lawsuit or a claim involving sexual harassment lets employers know that workers will no longer tolerate such behaviors. In turn, employers can take steps to ensure that neither they nor their employees engage in harassing activities. Standing up for your rights also encourages more workers to speak out in hopes of improving the workplace for all employees.

Those experiencing frequent sexual harassment in the workplace can learn more about these issues by reading more on our website and in our blog.


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