Talking with a divorce lawyer | How to make it easier

Most family law attorneys would probably agree that it is not always easy belonging to a group that most people never want to talk to. However, that is our burden to bear and we completely understand why people feel this way. In all honesty, we do not wish to have to consult with a lawyer either.

With that said, divorce is a time when consulting with an attorney makes a lot of sense and is typically quite beneficial. Cultivating open and honest communication is never easy, but is always in your best interests as a client. Like other lawyers in the Boston area of Massachusetts, we often wonder what steps might make it easier for our clients, especially in an initial consultation. Here are a few things that have helped other people speak more openly with their attorneys.

Get prepared: Think about what you need to say to your lawyer and what questions you would like answered. You can even jot these topics down beforehand to keep you focused.

Get clarification: If there is anything you find confusing during your initial meeting, do not hesitate to ask for clarification. We serve you and we know how important your understanding is to your case.

Get relaxed: Easier said than done, we know, but it can help you navigate the conversation if you can relax. Lawyers have seen and heard it all so there is no reason for you to feel that your case may stand out in a negative way.

Get educated: Take some time to learn about the divorce issues that are relevant to your case. FindLaw offers a checklist you can use to narrow or even expand your discussion topics. Alternatively, you can explore the information on our legal website to help you create a checklist of your own. You may also reach out to our firm for more personalized assistance.


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