The complications of using certain technology during divorce

In recent years, both members of the media and numerous legal professionals have warned individuals who are divorcing to be very wary of certain forms of technology. For example, attorneys are increasingly turning to social media in order to obtain evidence related to their clients’ divorce cases. When this occurs, your pictures, posts and even your relationship status may be used against you in your divorce or your child custody dispute.

However, not all recent technological advancements need be avoided during your divorce process. In fact, some forms of technology may help you uncover assets that your spouse may have hidden, obtain evidence to use in your favor and progress through your divorce process more smoothly.

And yet, it is best to speak with an experienced family law attorney before opting to use or install any technology that may be frowned upon by the court. For example, you may be eager to uncover any hidden assets your spouse may have stashed away from view. However, if you install spyware on his or her computer in order to track those assets down, you may end up breaking the law. Just because you are still married to your spouse does not mean that you can spy on him or her in whatever way you choose.

If you have any questions about how technology may help or harm your divorce process, please speak with an experienced attorney. It is far better to err on the side of caution and remain safe rather than sorry.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Can Technology Be an Enemy in Divorce? You’d Be Surprised,” Brendan Lyle, June 18, 2014


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