The top five reasons people get divorced

People in the Boston area may have seen a recent article about the many mistakes that married couples make and the top ones that lead to getting a divorce. It may come as surprise that the top reasons include cheating, dishonesty and abuse. The list also included addictions and people’s priorities changing.

The common theme running through most of these reasons is trust, or rather the lack thereof. People who are cheated on have a really tough time ever re-establishing trust in the cheating spouse, which can often lead to a divorce. Rampant dishonesty is another common thread; how can somebody trust a person with something as important as marriage if they aren’t truthful?

It makes sense then, that trust should be a major characteristic for people to look for when deciding on a family law attorney to handle their divorce proceeding.

Divorce can be difficult, as people have to re-establish themselves not only financially but also emotionally and personally. People who have experienced betrayal know how hard it is to let go and take the high road, even if it makes financial and practical sense. A person going through a divorce can be caught up emotionally in things that have little to do with the most important things they should be focusing on. As a result, people may make poor decisions that affect them financially and legally for many years after a divorce.

Having a divorce attorney one can trust to fight for his or her best interests and represent that person faithfully and fully can a true asset during such difficult times. A family law attorney with experience in property division, spousal support and other important divorce issues can help people get a separation agreement that allows them to move ahead in their lives.

Source: Huffington Post, “Divorce Causes: 5 Marriage Mistakes That Lead To Divorce,” Kim Olver, March 7, 2013.


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