Thinking about the airing of dirty laundry during divorce

The American experience is increasingly interconnected. Not only is travel within the nation’s borders relatively quick and efficient, communication is increasingly quick, efficient and broad. Although Americans still meet face-to-face in order to socialize and conduct business, the majority of Americans use cellphones, social media and other electronic communication platforms to communicate with many individuals at once.

There are many benefits to the increasingly interconnected nature of the American experience. However, one of the drawbacks is that it is startlingly easy to spread falsehoods, to spread hurtful commentary and to air dirty laundry. If you and your spouse have not committed to an amicable divorce process, you may find yourself in a position to air your spouse’s dirty laundry on social media and other communication platforms. You may also become the target of this kind of behavior if your spouse feels compelled to air your dirty laundry.

It is vitally important that you avoid airing your spouse’s dirty laundry during your divorce. Doing so could get you in trouble with the family law judge overseeing your case and could even prompt your spouse to sue you. This behavior could also compromise the outcome of your property division settlement or your child custody dispute, depending on the circumstances.

If your spouse chooses to air your dirty laundry in any significantly hurtful way, it may benefit you to speak with your attorney about this behavior first before confronting your spouse. Depending on the circumstances, this course of action could benefit you and your case more than confronting your spouse or seeking revenge would.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Getting Divorced? Prepare: Your Dirty Laundry Might Be Aired,” Jackie Pilossoph, April 22, 2015


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