Tips for co-parenting effectively during the school year

When most Americans contemplate the seasons, they think about “Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.” However, many co-parents understandably measure the seasons as “School and Summer.” Some child custody arrangements allow children’s schedules to change dramatically between the summer and the school year. But even for those families whose child custody arrangements remain relatively stable between summer and the school year, the transition between these two points in time can be challenging.

It is therefore important for co-parents to keep a few tips in mind as the school year gets underway and then functions as “the new normal.” Perhaps most importantly, parents need to develop and/or refine their modes of communication during the school year, as there are so many points of interest to communicate about.

Whether it be a child’s extracurricular calendar, academic progress, developmental progress or any host of other issues, involved parents generally like to remain in the loop. If co-parents do not effectively communicate with one another about these important issues, one or both parents will feel left out and tensions will rise. Figuring out a communication system that works best for both parents is critical. If you have not already looked into one, consider utilizing one of the many websites devoted to helping parents communicate in a central location about numerous important issues.

In addition, it is important to keep your schedule as consistent as possible. Not only will your child benefit from a predictable schedule, fewer miscommunications and opportunities for tension will arise if you and your co-parent know what to expect from your schedule as well.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Separated or Recently Divorced Parents, Get Ready for a New Back-to-School Routine,” Bari Zell Weinberger, Aug. 28, 2014


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